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charlottesville. >> the jurors in this case, five men, seven women, emotionally drained walking out, saying not a word as the branded the recommendation for the judge. this afternoon, we heard from the prosecutor in this case as he made an appeal to the jurors to give the maximum sentence and second-degree murder, 40 years. they came up with about half of that. the prosecutor said it this evening a few minutes ago, there is no victory here, this is not a triumph. >> there are no winners in this case. there is nothing but loss everywhere. our hearts go out to the love family. they have suffered enormously. about a love family this evening said -- they also said they hope that people respect their privacy as they go through this difficult time. they did smile when they heard the verdict this afternoon of guilty against george huguely. as he rose from his chair george huguely made a sign of the cross. when he heard the jury convicted him of second-degree murder for the death of his former girlfriend, yeardley love, he showed little emotion. immediately following the verdict, the jury heard tes
a 10-day trial nearly 60 witnesses, and nine hours of deliberation, a charlottesville jury has convicted george huguely in the death of his ex- girlfriend yeardly love. of the former uva student will wait and present as the judge decides whether to accept the jury recommendation, 26-year term -- 25 years for the murder conviction and one year for the like -- grand larceny. the verdict came after an outpouring of emotion for the two families. >> our reporter joins us live with the reaction. >> it was two weeks of very long, very emotional testimony from both sides. and then and long day again yesterday, waiting to find out how it will all end. when it was all done, the jury recommended george -- george huguely spent 26 years in jail. 24-year-old george huguely now faces more than two decades behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the death of his ex-girlfriend yeardly love. >> he is hopeful, he is spiritual, and we look forward to some corrections in what happened here tonight. >> there are no winners in this case. there is nothing but los
is in charlottesville, virginia. adam may has more on what is going on in the courtroom. >> reporter: just stepped out to give you an update. we kind of entered as the csi, phase of the trial, they are going through the medical evidence and great detail on the stand right now is a neurological pathologist, a brain expert, she has testified all morning about how she dissected love's brain and found blunt force trauma and sheer force, that is an injury to the brain that can be caused by twisting at a rapid motion. defense attorneys are up there, questioning the expert and defense trying to build podidn't threer that the brain injuries could have been caused by the cpr after she was found badly beaten back in may of 2010. this all comes on top of yesterday's testimony from the medical examiner, who showed very graphic images of yeardley love's autopsy to jurors, showing pictures of bruises from head to toe on the body. also, i should point out, a moment ago her mother, walked by, outside of the courtroom, she has not been sitting insides for a lot of this graphic testimony here on the autopsy. a told her
of huguely organize-- george huguely. we have more from charlottesville on what jurors heard from the first group of witness. >> reporter: the testimony is underway in the murder trial of george huguely. he is accused of killing yeardley love of cockeysville in may of 2010. the first witness called by the prosecution was sharon love, yeardley love's mother. she testified about hearing about love's death and when she heard about this police coming to her home in cockeysville the monday morning and driving to charlottesville with her daughter lexy, packing up yeardley love's lives. lexy love, her sister was the second witness to testify. there was testimony. the prosecution seems to be using them to set up their case. really, we learned much more this morning in the opening statement from the prosecutor who talked about the night that yeardley love died, talking about george huguely going to her apartment and assaulting her. he talked about the evidence of the jurors weerl' -- we'll see, including photos. he talked about a video interview that charlottesville police held with huguely. we will
and defense today. news 4's july carey reports from charlottesville. >> george huguely leaves court tonight, his fate now in the hands of a charlottesville jury. it is closing argument prosecutor dave chapman urged jurors to return one of two verdicts, felony murder or second degree murder. yardly love died of blunt force injury to the brain after george lugly brock down her bedroom door, shook and beat her then tossed here on her bed. the couple fought days before with huguely sending an e-mail about a romantic rival that read, i should have killed you. asked chapman of the jurors, can you imagine the sight, sound and fury of what was upon her. throughout the trial, huguely's lawyers maintained he never meant to harm love that night and only went to her room to patch things up. challenging that, chatman grabbed the door that huguely kicked a hole through and said to jurors what kind of a conversation starter is that? it's the beginning of terror. in his arguments, huguely's lawyer called prosecutors over zealous for seeking a murder conviction. francis lawrence asked the jury instead to ca
in the city of charlottesville and a fairly wealthy young uva student was accused and convicted of killing a volunteer firefighter here in charlottesville in a bar fight. and the jurors actually determined in that case that it was either voluntary or involuntary manslaughter that was manslaughter. and they ended up recommending a sentence of just three years in a case where this very popular firefighter was killed in the city of charlottesville and there was a lot of anger among a lot of the public about that verdict. and so it will be interesting to see what happens with this one. >> you mention the jury recommended, how much leeway does the judge have to change that jury recommendation? can he increase it, decrease it? how does it work? >> reporter: he cannot increase it, but he can decrease it. what's going to happen is the jury is going to get this end tonight or tomorrow and they'll recommend an actual sentence of some kind. then there will be some interviews, presentencing reports, background on george huguely by experts and interviews with him and so forth. they'll come up with a
will resume on wednesday. reporting live in charlottesville. it is a critical light. the emotional service for whitney houston. intimate home going the legend. those closest to houston gathered in newark, new jersey. they were in a church or with the houston grew up singing. -- where whitney houston grew up singing. >> whitney houston's casket was into the church on this saturday morning. privacy guarded by numerous road around the new hope baptist church. ♪ angels >> the service filled with scripture, some of the in show biz. >> phil whitney i knew -- the knew, that she still wondered, and my good enough? held at theell was church where the legendary entertainer learned to sing as -- as a teenager. >> ♪ >> 20 minutes into the program, of therown walked out service. there have been rumors of and whitneyeen him houston's family. >> we thank you for this life of elisabeth houston. >> the focus was on her kind and angelic voice. >> ♪ >> and not her public and ugly battle with addiction. >> no matter what she had to go still was not separate her from the love of god. >> whitney houston w
as the defense claiming? julie carr carey joins us from charlottesville with today's announcement. >> reporter: jurors were making progress and willing to stay late and deliberate into the night if need be, but asked the judge to touch base again 6 p.m. right now, we are awaiting word from the courtroom where weather jurors are asking for dinner or nearing an end. but it has become clear today with the questions from the judge and the evidence they are asking to see, they are taking a very close look at george huguely's intent on the night of may 2, 2010. the jury hadn't been behind closed doors long before asking for the dramatic videotaped police inter gauges of george hoounlly. into the jury room went the dvd and the big screen monitor at the center of the courtroom throughout the trial. then late this afternoon, the jury asked for a handwritten letter from huguely to love, evidence found on the bedside table. in it, huguely apologizes for an earlier choking incident and for his out of control drinking. court observers say it is clear the jury is taking a close look at the accu
in the university of virginia murder trial. a charlottesville djury today will begin deciding the fate of george huguely. jurors can consider lesser charges including second-degree murder and manslaughter. he faces up to life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder. if we have crews in charlottesville and will keep you covered with updates at 5:00 6:00, and 11:00 as we wait for the verdict. for the latest on the case anytime, log on to our website >> we want to look at the day ahead. a bond hearing for the man accused of planning a suicide. attack on suicide khalifi will make an appearance today at an alexandria court. the 29-year-old moroccan man has been in the federal custody since arrested on friday. he was planning to set off a bomb inside the u.s. capitol. an alexandria neighborhood on high alert while police continue looking for however attacked a teenager. >> this happens monday night at a home on archer court. john gonzalez is outside police headquarters with the latest on the investigation and how a cell phone may have saved her. >> an alarming and violent crime. alexan
is in charlottesville this morning with reaction to the verdict. >> good morning. after two long emotional weeks of testimony, and nine long hours of deliberations the sentence was handed down by the jury. they recommend george huguely get 26 years behind bars. 24-year-old george huguely now faces more than two decades behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the death of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. >> he holdsis hopeful spiritual, and we look forward to some corrections in what happened here tonight. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but lost everywhere. -- loss. our hearts go out to the family of zero yeardley love -- family of yeardley love. >> her mother said it is still with me from sunup to sundown and. >> a terrible tragedy. i am glad it was finally put to justice. >> love's family issued a statement saying, "our hearts burst with pride when we think of her accomplishments but melt when we remember her great compassion and kindness." the judge could hand down a sentence on april 15. the jury recommended 26 years. reporting liv
and beat to death. on street corners and cafes in charlottesville, the trial is the talk of the town. >> what are those opinions? >> just probably a little more concerned for their children. >> rick barrett is a spokesperson for the historic city. >> how has the murder of yeardley love and this trial affected this community? >> the university's been having conversations about domestic abuse and abuse situations and alcohol issues. and, and that has been very well-received. >> reporter: the mother of this college-bound student already did just that. >> do you think you use this as a teaching moment for your daughter? >> absolutely. >> did you learn something? >> yes, very much. >> saying all college campuses can take away a lesson from love. >> reporter: if jury selection wraps up today, we could hear opening statements and about two weeks of testimony. reporting from charlottesville, virginia, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> huguely could face the possibility of life in prison. we urge you to stay with us for complete coverage on this murder trial. >>> jury selection is expected to
an update and let you know. here's a live picture outside of the courthouse in charlottesville, virginia. as you can see, there are a number of media personnel standing around outside. everybody is waiting to hear what this jury has decided. how many years george huguely should serve in prison after being convicted of second- degree murder in the death of his exgirlfriend, yeardley love. again, we are told the jury is back in the courtroom now. it is an unusual thing. the sentencing is not decided the same day as the verdict comes in. so this is a very unusual case, very different for this jurisdiction. when paul wagner comes back out with the information, we will pass that on to you. >>> we are also following a news alert in the district tonight. d.c. police officer has given notice that he intends to file a whistle blower lawsuit against the city. now this stems from the controversy over a police escort over actor charlie sheen. burton was head of the division. burton was demoted after he testified that those sorts of escorts were common place contradicting the police chief's testimony
. there will be among the first to testify. reporting live in charlottesville, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> we invite everyone to stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the trial. you can also get instant updates on time at >> occupy dc protestors have a smaller presence in freedom plaza and mcpherson square. after saturday pose a violent confrontation with police enforcing a camping ban. brianne carter is live in northwest with more details this morning. >> behind me at mcpherson square tents remain, but there are very few protesters said after a clash with police on the weekend. now it's a much different scene than 48 hours ago. >> occupy dc as a movement is not going away. >> but it appears to be changing. park police combed through both camps at mcpherson square and freedom plaza enforcing the camping ban. >> this is not an eviction. our main goal is to ensure the health and safety. >> tense moments erupted on saturday at mcpherson square during a more than 12-hour battle between police and protesters. >> one person got really bad club on the arm and another got a finger broken.
continues today in charlottesville courtroom. former uva a cool start george huguely stands accused of murdering his classmate. >> there's no end in sight for now. john gonzalez is covering the story from the university of virginia with what is going down the process and the details from the first day in court. >> 80 potential jurors were interviewed yesterday. on the handful qualified. no. were dismissed because of a history of domestic violence. another 80 will be there today. george huguely made i contact with his mother and father as he entered the courtroom, pleaded not guilty if in all six counts including the murder of his ex- girlfriend yeardley love. her sister kept her eyes on him. >> finally it's going. to be going >> lawyers for the chevy chase native will argue that the 22- year-old woman died accidentally from an irregular heartbeat. a graduate student was here when love was found dead in off- campus apartment in may of 2010. >> the whole university was shocked and may be horrified. >> the process of jury selection has been tedious and slow. five of the 12 jurors are
yeardley love in may of 2010 in her apartment in charlottesville. prosecutors expected to bring up dna evidence this week and discuss a beer can and blood that was found in her apartment after her body was discovered. it's monday morning. >> still ahead some new controversy surrounding the quote on the martin luther king memorial and one leader does not want to change that statement. >> it's costing more to fill up at the gas pump. >> >> welcome back on this monday morning. texting tactic and weather. >> adam caskey in a moment, but first lisa baden. >> it's a happy morning along 81, 70, route 11. giving you the wide angle picture. everything working in our favor even out of southern maryland, looks good on 95, construction now gone between stanford and 610. normal travel times on 95 in particular between washington and baltimore. taking you to a live picture of springfield, moving nicely near the beltway. try to get away from us is southbound. headlights are northbound. no issues if out of tysons and in bethesda at the american legion bridge. adam caskey now. >> temperatures in the tw
in the uva la crosse murder trial. bruce lashan live in charlottesville, virginia. tell us what prosecutors and defense attorneys had to say in their closings. bruce. reporter: hey, bruce. huguely's lawyer, fran lawrence is delivering kind of a rambling disjointed closing argument in the courthouse right now. he said huguely is what you get. he's a boy athlete, not stealthful, not calculating, just stupid drunk. whatever he did, he never meant to kill yeardley. huguely's lawyers ended their expert witnesses with a chevy chase neurosurgeon who told jurors this wasn't even murder. >> oxygen deprivation. reporter: she suffocated. >> that's all i can say. reporter: not blunt force trauma? >>> that's all i can tell you. reporter: prosecutor dave chapman came back with a ferocious and empassioned closing argument. he was crying to jurors as he described the terror yeardley love must have felt when her sometimes boyfriend broke through her door. yeardley told police she was freaking out. you bet she was freaking out chapman told jurors, freaking out at what had come through her door, first his
more on that. paul. >> reporter: that encounter happened here in charlottesville in an offcampus apartment. mike burns was a lacrosse player at the university of north carolina and came here to party with some of the friends when he said he witnessed that violent encounter between george huguely and yeardley love. mike burns took the stand and told the jury he heard yeardley love's cry for help and went to see what was going on. as he pushed open a bedroom door, he saw love on top of huguely with the defend's arm around her neck. burns was asked to demonstrate what he saw by wrapping his arm around the cop-- commonwealth attorney, dave chapman. he said she was hysterical as she left the room thanking burns while telling him she couldn't breathe. at a later date, another witness, elizabeth mcclain , told the court that she had george huguely yell stop and describe what sounded like a beating. when he went around the corner, she saw love's purse on the ground, its contents scattered. prosecutors say that love attacked huguely over allegations of infidelity. two other witnesses told
. lowell melser has the latest from charlottesville. >> after two ruling days, we finally reached that magic number at around 6:30 this evening. 28 potential jurors were chosen. they will return to charlottesville circuit court tomorrow where they will be whittled down to a jury of 12 with three alternates. after that, it is opening statements and the trial officially kicks off. a half-hour early start this morning in the george huguely and murder trial as the commonwealth and the fans gathered with jurors at 9:00 a.m., after a long night monday that ended at 8:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 p.m. huguely, who has lost a noticeable amount of weight since being arrested, set by his lawyers in a suit, his legs weighed down by heavy weight on his ankles. only eight more jurors were needed for the pool of 27, where each side would then cut six for a jury of 12 with three alternates. a little less than 40 jurors were told in the morning session and by lunchtime, 22 of 27 jurors were in place. the questions were exactly the same as monday, as both sides are trying to find jurors who can complet
the baltimore police. >>> we did to charlottesville where where a gurly selection has started in the jury trial of a cockeysville student he is a-- hog -- george huguely is accused of killing yeardley love. the jury pool is made up of 160 people. it will be tough for those living here in baltimore and charlottesville. >> it's going to be hard, to think about. maybe also cathartic. >> it's hard. it's really hard. if you have domestic violence situations, that's a reminder of what women had to put up with. >> may was found dead in 2010. huguely told investigators he kicked in yeardley's door causing her head to hit the door several times. to follow this trial from start to the bitter and, including reading what has led up to today, log on to there, you're going to find in-depth coverage of the crime, the trial, including reports from our abc2 news christian schaefer from charlottesville, virginia. >>> anne arundel county police quickly arrested three people involved in an armed robbery th. it took place shortly after 11:00 saturday night. a man called police and said he had been rob
today stand trial on monday in charlottesville. the university has grief counselors on hand to talk to students, faculty and staff if they need it. today a final pretrial hearing is scheduled in charlottesville circuit court. jury selection for the two-week trial starts on monday. heugly says he shook her and she hit her head. the defense is saying love died from an irregular heartbeat from taking medication for attention deficit disorder. love was killed may 3rd, 2010 inside her apartment in charlottesville. the cockiesville native was found by her roommate face down in her bed in a pool of blood. during the summer of 2010, a group of 25 student leaders formed the let's get grounded campaign that helps to look for disrespectful behavior among peers. university of virginia vice president and chief of student affairs patricia lampkin released this statement, i immediately began to notice a difference in the type of calls and notifications our office might get from peers and others. now, there's a balance of not blowing something out of proportion but paying close attention to concern
highlands, charlottesville as well as spot sill vein i can't. here is early numbers charlottesville 2 inches. wayne's borrow has gotten five inches. temperatures are now in the 30s and 40s. we had a dry slot in place. that has delayed the onset of the precipitation. it will help bring it not so far north as well. a chance of rain and snow tonight. it will taper off in the overnight hours. we will keep our eyes on slick roads in the overnight as well as the early morning. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. >>> the other big story we are following, authorities are searching for a driver that took off on foot after a crash that left someone dead. it happened early yesterday morning on suitland road near hillmar drive. the victim's family says there were plenty of other accidents in the same place. >> on the side of the road, evidence of a terrible accident. family members tell us the vehicle ended up here where there are now balloons. the spot where 1-year-old tiesha williams died. >> the car flipped. >> reporter: tommy is her mom. she said there were four people inside the vehicle at the time of
on jurors who are considering whether he murdered her? bruce leshan reports from charlottesville that the uva lacrosse murder trial is headed into an unusual saturday session. >> reporter: the video actually shows yeardley love and george huguely together fairly friendly just a night before he is accused of beating her to death. they are at a local watering hole and she's holding his hand. she embraces his two young cub every cousins. the question, of course -- cousins. the question, of course, how important is this going to be for the jurors who know that this was an on again off again relationship, often violent and often fueled by alcohol? also today a defense expert testified that the laptop that george huguely is accused of stealing from yeardley love, that that laptop was worth less than $200. if that is the case, then the jurors cannot find george huguely guilty of murder in the commission of a robbery. in this case prosecutors will have to convince them that george huguely intended to kill yeardley love. in charlottesville bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> so much to watch in
threatened to kill her two days before she was found dead at her charlottesville apartment in may of 2010. his lawyer says his client was very drunk the night yeardley love died and that he did not plot to kill her. >> under your man who ran a website posting threats against the creators of the tv show south park is expected to be in court today. jesse morgan is expected to plead guilty in federal court in alexandria -- jesse morton. he is accused of making threats after a 2010 episode of the show, the case of the moslem prophet muhammed in a bear suit. >> lawmakers pressing for a nasty battle over president obama policy on birth control. a religious schools and hospitals would provide health insurance that procoverage contraceptives. >> this has been a hot-button issue on the campaign trail and on the hill. now there's word there may be a compromise in the works. a controversial policy of requiring employers including those affiliated with the church to cover birth control for its employees is heating up. >> what they are saying is it is ok for you to not include things that are morally
in charlottesville, virginia. -- live in charlottesville, virginia. >> police are looking for two men who robbed a convenience store and shot a customer. they want you to take a close look at the surveillance pictures. they rob the store and shot a 46-year-old man. it is unclear how much cash the suspects made off with. it is reported he is expected to survive. >> still much more ahead. including the latest in sports, plus -- >> a showdown tonight in arizona. the gop presidential contenders hit the debate stage. what to watch for coming up. >> mild spring temperatures and a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. the forecast read ahead. right now, 59 degrees. >> in tonight's commit it 2012, the race for the gop nomination is becoming a two-man race. >> all candidates will meet on the debate stage in arizona. sally kit is in washington with that story. >> political analysts say a lot has changed since the last debate. rick santorum will likely be under greater scrutiny tonight, given his recent surge in the polls. >> polls show rick santorum gaining ground in arizona, a state considered a wi
the latest from charlottesville, virginia. >> another day of reckoning testimony. not only did the jury get a chance to see some of the most graphic pictures available in the case, but former teammates of george huguely testified that he was getting drunk more than four times a week during his senior year, and they were getting worried about him. so much so that they wanted to call an intervention. the day after making this thought, yeardley love was found dead and huguely was arrested. more tough testimony for yeardley love's family and friends expect as rescue personnel broke down the crime scene in morning testimony. it was the first time that jurors got a graphic -- o look at some of the more graphic photographs. one gmt told the court about 25 minutes past from when he was instructed by suv medical center officials to stop resuscitation. a charlottesville detective took the stand and described more than half a dozen photos of her injuries to her face and body. the most revealing testimony came from michael burns, a lacrosse player who met yeardley love at the preakness in baltimore dur
. today.jury selection began's taking awhile beccuse so any people in charlottesville, virrinia.. where the case is being heard.. are aware of lacrosse player... yeardley love's murder.the baltimore county native was found dead in her off campus apartment in 2010.her ex boyfriend is charged in her murder... and many potential jurors told thh judge... they know who's to blame. so many people.. very eerly on....... taking sides. pides.opening ptatements are expecttd to begin today once thh jury is seated.hhguely pleaded not puilty to first degree murder ... along with five other pharges... in the may 2010 death of love. stay with fox45 for conttnuing coverage of the murder trial. we'll have a ive report from charlottesville ... and get the laaest information around the clock.. aa fox ballimore dot com... and click on "yeardley love murder trial"... under "hot topics." and we're always updating the ttial on our facebook page... facebook dot com slash fox ballimore. &pin woodlawn... a hit anddrun crash leaves oneeperson wiih &plife threatening injuries.. and police on the lookout
, .../ áásheáá... has... theelatest.../ from charlottesvilll. charlottesville. former... governor ...bob .../ ááwilláá not... be going.../ ááforáá his attempts .../ to... &pinfluence... the outcome.../ of... an election. electioo. instead, .../ ááaaá baltimore... circuit judge.../ today, .... áásentenceeáá paul schurick.../ to... 30-dayss../ home detentiin.../ ááandáá... ordered him.../ to... perform .../ 500-houus.../ community .../ service...// ááaáá convicted him.../ in... december.../ a... robocall.../ ááwhicháá... suggested.../ to... thousands of voters.../ that...// thh... electiin.../ was... over...// before... the pollss../ even closed. &p (20:38:35) "in addition to a mistake. in additiin o a violatiin of the law and more importantly to me, it was a profounddpersonnl failure." (20:54:43) "this type &pof behaviorris more than just a dirty trick or politics as ussal. it is illegal and it will be prosecuted in the ptate of maryland." m
could potentially stretch of to tuesday. >> lowell nelson is in charlottesville to cover the trial. he will have the latest at 5:00 and 6:00, and also on our website. >> the second of two men trying creeks -- accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote during the 2012 election is appearing in court today. he is accused of sending out an automated message to voters in a predominantly african-american neighborhood telling them the election had already been decided. a judge is expected to be assigned to the case. an aide was convicted in the same case last december. he will be sentenced next week. jury deliberations will continue today in the leaked stevens murder trial. stevens is on trial for the killing of david mcgwin, department of corrections officer. -- lee stevens. a 14-year veteran of the inner randolph police force is accused of tipping drug suspects off about an upcoming rate. corporal rick alexander allegedly informed suspects of a raid last week in shady side. despite finding the residents of become a police did track down a large amount of marijuana and cocaine a
. yes, fredericksburg toward charlottesville, a couple of inches to four inches there. and as we look at the temperatures now, it is a little below freezing just to our west and north. montgomery county near the freezing mark, as well as throughout much of the rest of northern maryland. it's in the upper 30s in washington, mid 30s in fairfax, arlington, and prince george's counties. and still quite a bit of cloudiness. but the cloud cover will be breaking up by mid morning. sun out. we'll have a blustery wind. we'll be in the 30s. by noontime, mid 40s. actually up near 50 where there's no snow. where there is snow, low 40s. that will be melting as the day progresses. then a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's the president's day traffic. edenally? >>> good morning. if you're heading out on the highway, everything looks good. i'll give you a live look at the beltway in virginia. a live look at van dorn. very light volume on the inner loop as well as the outer loop. give you an outer loop speed. if you're making your way from van dorn to the wilson bridge, 58 miles per ho
there on our home page. >>> the second week of testimony begins in charlottesville tomorrow in the murder trial. christian schaffer is covering the trial for us. christian, what can we expect this second week of testimony? >> reporter: kelly, that first week was absolutely fascinating. capped by that playing friday of george hugley's interview with charlottesville police in which he admits to going into yeardley love's apartment and putting his hands on her although he repeated over and over that he did not kill her in that videotape. emotional to see and hear that on friday. what we can expect this week is the prosecution continuing to present its case. we saw friday was a crime scene investigator introducing a number of pieces of evidence, including the door prosecutors say huguley kicked in to gain access to yeardley love's bedroom. the door has a dinner plate sized hole in it that they brought right into the courtroom and showed to the jurors. but the crime scene investigator wouldn't speculate as to what exactly happened. so the prosecutor methodically built his case, saying with the crime
it could be a tough test for a charlottesville court. it is monday, february 6. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will check in with adam caskey but first, lisa baden keeping an eye on the crash and the belt way. >> we had a crash on the inner loop of the beltway in college park. this is near the ikea and show you that record. -- that car wreck. the inner and outer loop near college park on route one are moving sloper it will take into virginia where we are starting to slow the pace from woodbridge on 95 but bridge across the 14th street bridge. >> it is a beautiful day today but a little cold right now but it will be a gorgeous day with high temperatures above-average. look at the nation's capital this morning. the sun is up at 7:00 tonight we're starting to get a little bit of pink and orange on the horizon. it dense fog advisory to the west of the metro area. that is until 9:00 a.m. and you can see visibility's down to 1/4 of a mile or less to the west. 30 degrees downtown and 24 at dulles airport. culpeper is only 21 degrees. sunny and mild today and w
of this kind of magnitude and how a jury gets elected. reporting myoporum charlottesville, gail pennybacker come abc7 news. -- reporting live up from charlottesville. >> the trial is expected to last at least two weeks. for more, to get the latest developments. >> it is a much different scene at mcpherson square as they enforce the ban. crews are cleaning up what they left behind. protesters say it is not over. they are regrouping and vowing to keep the movement alive. what happened at the end of the police chase last week in d.c. has some drivers crying foul. >> they were using cars as a roadblock. they told one driver and had no choice. mark is live with more from this story. >> leon, it sounds crazy but that is what happened. it started thursday evening in rush hour in prince george's county and it ended here on florida avenue near capitol hill when police ordered capeople out of the cars and the driver came through and injuring six cars. but some of the drivers say they will sue the city. maryland state police tried to pull over the 48-year-old driver of this pickup truck suspe
at her charlottesville apartment in may, 2010. the number of robberies in the district is growing. there have been about two-dozen robberies in the past weeks. no one was hurt. >> iran's oil ministry says it has halted all oil shipments to britain and france. it mounted a preemptive blow against the european union. a team of inspectors from the u.n. clear watchdog has arrived in iran. it is unclear how this could affect gas prices in the united states. each week, it is costing drivers more and more to fill up their vehicles. there may not be any relief in sight. >> for the past couple of weeks we have heard analysts say that we continue to see a slight surge in gas prices. at this georgetown gas station it is $3.95 for a gallon of regular. it could get worse before it gets better. >> with the price of gas going up and up, drivers are continuing to feel the pain at the pump. according to aaa the national average for a gallon of gas is about $3.56, 5 cents higher than a week ago. nearly 50 cents higher than this time last year. analysts a it can only get worse. soaring costs have ma
he intended to kill yeardly love. prrsecution rested their ase oo saturray in charlottesville. during closing arguments... prosecutors said love was killed in a drunken, jealousy fueled rage. what jurors ill thhugh... may depend on key eviddnce.that includes an hour long videotaped statement that huguely gave to police... in which he dessribes that violent night at love's off campus apartment near the unversity of virgiiia.but on the tape he also shows sorrow after learning that his ex-girlfriend had died... nd even surprise. defense attorneys representing the former u-v-a lacroose &pplayer are seekingga lesser verdict from jurors than first-degree murder.which carries a prisonntime between 20 years and life.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. stay with fox 45 for continuing coverage of the trial. we'll have a live reports rom chaalottesville. you can also get upddtes on our website at fox baltimorredot ccm... and oo our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox-baltimoree a mannwho got married monday morning.. ends up sttbbed monday afternoon... in front of his ne
there and charlottesville. actually around charlotteville up to four inches in locations. yes, even around culpeper, two, three, four inches was common. and farther to the north, a dusting to an inch. reagan national had a trace. and temperatures right now are in the 30s around the region. and near or below freezing farther west and north. and we'll have the cloud cover that's over us now breaking up by later this morning. sunshine breaking out. here's the day planner. sunny afternoon, weather with snow. it's only going to be up around 40. but elsewhere, where there is no snow, it may hit 50 by mid-afternoon. i'll have your evening planner in ten minutes. danella? how's traffic? >>> hardly on the road. a great day traveling i-270. we'll take the trip together, we'll fly over it making our way toward clarksburg. in fact, you're 61 mile-per-hour traveling southbound at middlebrook road. continuing into the rockville area, very nice and clear. i'll show you now. traveling southbound, hardly any cars on the road. northbound, virtually independent at this time. connecting to the beltway, no issue there. here
in charlottesville good morning paul. >> good morning alison. >> what can you tell us aboutproceedings yesterday. >> reporter: let me update you on information and explain why it is a little difficult to get, there is a gag order here in place the common wealth attorney is not speaking to the media not making any comments on this case and never has made a comment other than in open court defense is also not talking when you are sitting inside this courtroom it is cavernous and difficult to hear exactly what is going on, some of the parties here are speaking very softly, and some motions are being made and you are not exactly sure what is being said because no one is seconding it and saying this is what just happened we are having to rely on a spokesman for city of charlottesville and the information has not been getting to us in a very prompt manner however this morning i finally got an update the court clerk is speaking to the spokesman for the city of charlottesville this is what we now know there was a pool of 160 jurors, 27 of them they are trying to qualify that is qualify to actually sit o
deliberating behind closed doors in charlottesville, virginia. not far from where the one-time lovers went to school. that's where adam may has the latest on the deliberations. >> reporter: denise, we just had a little activity outside of the courtroom. yeardley love's sister just walked back inside. and right behind here was george huguely's family and their defense team. they're all now sitting inside that courtroom, waiting to find out what is going to happen later tonight. the jury has been hard at work, deliberating for 8 1/2 hours, but still no verdict. >> reporter: george huguely walked into court for deliberation day. his fate hanging in the balance, wearing an oversized suit and pants, a drastic change in appearance for the once husky lacrosse player who has been locked up since may of 2010, accused of fatally beating his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love, from cockeysville. the last two weeks of dramatic testimony, tringered -- triggered a range of emotions. sadness from yeardley love's mother, who broke down many times. tension from other lacrosse players at uva who testified against
at the charlottesville courthouse. it's a long pool trying to weed down the jury. questions have been asked how much do they know about the case. what have they heard, where did they hear it and whether the knowledge impacts their decision or whether they can make a decision on the guilt or innocence of george huguely. he was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love in her apartment in may of twefnlt love has a lot of support. her mother and sills are -- sister are listening intently. about 10 people who are friends or family of george huguely are also in the courtroom. george huguely is also here listening to the process. the attorneys and the judge are expecting the process to wrap up sometime today so they can get to opening statements tomorrow morning. if it goes late that could force a delay. but opening statements are expected to happen wednesday morning. reporting from charlottesville. >>> abc2 news will follow the trial. we've had an entire web page dedicated to the trial. you can click on the featured stories. >>> well, get a good look at this shot. tomorrow night it could look to
on the edge of their seats. the details from charlottesville coming up. >> will winter make a return to the region on sunday? i have the complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's 36 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. a gasoline tanker overturns and catches on fire. hazmat crews say it was carrying 19,000-gallons of fuel when it crashed. the tanker was traveling too fast and rolled on to the median. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >>> josh kaiser crashed his car into a creek. the teenager passed out as the car was filling up with water. that's when his dad's friend just happened to be driving by the creek. he pulled josh to safety. >>> george huguely's family members take the stand to talk about the couples happier times. adam may has the very latest from charlottesville. >> reporter: fighting for her nephew's future, huguely's aunt took the stand. members of huguely family were eating at the burger joint. in the video, huguely and love were holding hands. this is before huguely found out love had slept wi
12 jurors and three alternates. linda so, abc2 news. >>> this is making the city of charlottesville the center of media. residents say they have never seen anything like this. it's not the type of attention that they want for their city that they call home. >>> it's sad that it takes a violent crime on a campus to get this type of news attention. >> when you see two young people who had a bright future, be ruined by a horrible event. it catches the attention of the local media and the national media. >> we have a crew there, christian schaffer is in charlottesville covering the trial. find the latest information on, on the home page, sign up to get email alerts sent to you about the case. >>> attorney for a political operative accused of using robocalls to suppress turnout during the 20102010 gubernatorial election says the statute is unconstitutional. a judge heard motions monday in the case of henson, a consultant for former republican governor ehrlich. he is accused of part of the calls that told voters to stay home because governor o'malley had won the election. >>
courtrooms in charlottesville have been set up this way, perhaps since thomas jefferson's time. media lawyer robert yates says there is a significant first amendment issue here. that the public and the media have the right to see and evaluate the evidence. the media outlets are now going to the virginia court of appeals. in charlottesville, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and two other trials got started today. in maryland, jurors heard the opening arguments in the cor kneel cornelius murder trial. june of 2010 right outside an applebees. prosecutors say the trooper thrown williams out earlier in the restaurant because of a dispute involving an unpaid bill. >> and in washington, d.c., jury selection underway in the south capital street shootings trial. five men are accused of killing five people and injuring nine others. those men face a total of 54 charges. the jury selection could wrap up tomorrow. this particular trial is expected to last two months. >>> a stunning tragedy in a fire fighting family is left a rural virginia community in shock tonight. 21-year-old zach whitacre was killed thi
word out of charlottesville that the jury will go on another 30 minutes. they just told the judge he are willing to go on for another 30 minutes. anything breaks we'll have it here on -- on abc2 or >>> plans for this year's grand prix are moving foomptd the five-member board is responsible for awarding contracts. the contract with last year's development, baltimore's racing development was terminated after bills went unpaid. the new promoter -- down for racing. the city's comptroller did not vote, but the mayor did. >> because we do not know the city's true financial commencement -- commitment, i want some safeguards to protect the taxpayers. god willing that we'll have a wonderful, wonderful event. >> the new contract does have safeguards. the 2012 baltimore grand prix will be held labor day weekend. >>> the state senate is putting off the debate over the same-sex marriage bill. republican lawmakers asked to postpone debate in the full senate until tomorrow. opponents are questioning the constitution at of -- constitutional lit of the amendment. >>> you need a quick hi
in charlottesville, virginia, accused of killing yeardly love, both students at the university of virginia. in court on friday, huguely tried ride as he watched video of himself being told his girlfriend was dead. go to, the first item under featured stories on the web page and follow our christian shaffer, in the courtroom in charlottesville and will be tweeting about the event, everything that happens in the courtroom. if you want information, those are two sources. >>> major stephanie rawlings blake will deliver the state of the city address starting at 2:30, it will be live streamed on the website, it will be tweeted via the mayor's twitter feed. mayor srb is where you can finds wit the hash tag stay to the city. an agreement with a new operator of the grand prix, the terms of the five year deal will be released on wednesday. rawlings blake has not said who the city will be nee negotiating with. they failed to pay 1.5 million dollars it owed to the city. >>> breaking news, pittsburgh area, live pictures of the fire at the mystic mountain ski lodge. investigators say a worker in sid
, most sensational, notorious case that's ever happened in charlottesville. >> reporter: he faces life in prison if he's convicted. they need to prove premeditation. they've introduced a threatening e-mail sent two days before the beating. testimony from another lacrosse player and love's bedroom door allegedly kicked in by huguely the night of their confrontation. >> hours later she's dead. yes, the e-mail he said he was going to do that to her and it happened, strong, powerful evidence. >> reporter: virginia's laws regarding premeditation are tough. it's why defense attorneys keep reminding jurors that huguely was drunk. it's resulted in lesser convictions in other cases. >> this is a classic heat of passion manslaughter-type killing that is by rage and being mad and angry in the course of a relationship. >> reporter: throughout the course of the trial, the defense attorneys have been trying to argue that love's brain injuries could have been caused by cpr. both of the doctors said that was simply not possible. reporting from charlottesville, virginia. >>> wjz 13 is always on. check
wanesboro virginia, west of charlottesville, higher elevation 10 inches of snow out of that system it was a close call which he menace maryland, northwest of leonard town, 2.5 inches of snow, fredericksburg virginia, an inch and a half la plata had enough, a small coating wood bridge virginia, about 4/10ths of an inch of snow put it all in motion here for the last 24 hours you can see how close it got to dc that was not hitting the ground but as the storm was pinwheeling on out they got a little bit of light snow virginia beach earlier today, now watch the skies starting to clear out and with high pressure building in, it actually will get chilly tonight but then as the week goes on that high pressure slides off the coast and starts bringing in warm temperatures it will feel more like spring especially as we get later into the week here are the next three days, tomorrow 53 degrees, we will have to recover, from 20s overnight, to morrow is not one of the warmer days, high pressure sitting on top of us. beautiful day, 61 degrees, thursday 68, we think there will be a couple showers a
us what to expect later today in court and has been there reporting all week from charlottesville. >> reporter: after a nearly full week of testimony from the prosecution witnesses we could hear the defense's case today. in court we have seen the large hole in the bedroom door and now a dna expert testified that hairs found on that door match george huguely's dna profile. she testified that huguely's blood was found under love's fingernails. earlier a toxicologist said love's blood alcohol level at the time of the death was .14 more than the legal level for driving. but not nearly enough to dil her -- kill her. and two experts on brain pathology testified that there was bleeding inyeardley love's brain and say the injuries had to be caused by blunt force trauma and the damage to love's brain was enough to cause a heart arrhythmia which killed her. the defense doesn't dispute the events the prosecution presented here over the past week but they dispute is the intent. they say george huguely didn't intend to kill yeardley love. reporting from charlottesville for good morning marylan
in charlottesville as hugeley has been sentenced to 26 years. >> her mom and sister both cried in court. abc 2news is live tonight with reaction. >> reporter: convicted of murdering yardly love, dropped his head when he heard the verdict and again when he heard the sentence. in all 26 years in virginia state prison, 25 years on the charge of second degree murder with one year on a grand larceny charge, found not guilty of first degree murder, that was the most serious charge he was facing. still, family members walked out of the courthouse today in tears. you can see one of his younger sisters there walking away from the courthouse, crying, trying to get through the gaggle of photographer that have gathered here from television station, locally, regionally, nationally. in court we heard some of the testimony from yardly love's mother and her sister. talking about what her loss has meant to them, this is during the sentencing stage of the trial, after he had been convicted of second degree murder. they talked about what the loss has been like, how this is the worst thing that's happened to me. real
coverage from charlottesville. >> reporter: yeardley love's mother has been a constant presence in the courtroom but monday she was not here but it's understandable considering the subject matter her daughter's a to si. over the past nearly two years, i've seen this picture of 22- year-old yeardley love in court on monday, jurors in the murder trial of her ex-boyfriend george huguely saw a number of vastly different pictures. autopsy photos showing bruise on legs, arms, hands and massive bruise on her face. and remember it comes after last week's testimony from love's roommate that she saw love nearly naked the night before she died and she had no injuries. charlottesville defense attorney is not involved in the case but like much of this small college town, he is following it closely. he says those autopsy photos are particularly helpful for the prosecution. >> if they can't show malas, it's not a murder and that's -- malice it's not a murder and that's why they are building the scientific and friendic evidence. >> reporter: in court, huguely a-- forensic evidence. >> reporter:
>> reporter: today in chore chart -- charlottesville, virginia circuit court we find that her blood alcohol level was not high of to kill her. the medical examiner testified that an irregular heart bead, ard yak arrhythmia was the cause of the death. the cause of the arrhythmia, blunt force trauma. two doctors testified they studied yeardley love's brain and instances of bleeding. george huguely's attorney plan to argue that the bleeding could have been caused by cpr. both neuropathologists say they have never seen that happen. the defense will argue that yeardley love's death was cause blade lack of oxygen from passing out drunk in her bed. the forensic neurologist that testified today did not support that theory. we'll have to see how the defense will try to prove its case. reporting from charlottesville. >> and christian has been tweeting testimony as it happens. we've taken those tweets and built a timeline on our website. it's waiting for you right now at >>> let's take a look at your ride home. we are right now on the beltway. roar' -- we're really on
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